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Eczema Wash

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  • Gently cleanse all over
  • Non-drying and soap-free
  • Avoids SLS (sodium laureth sulfate)
  • Ultra sensitive non-irritating formula

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Often eczema washes and cleansers are the worst 'villians' when it come to sensitive skin or eczema, many everyday products can be loaded with potential irritants.

SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) is the most common irritant - this is a harsh detergent ingredient that creates the foam or bubbles in cleansers or eczema washes.

Dermatologists use SLS as a "positive control" in allergy patch tests - It's that irritating.

We don't think that sensitive skin needs bubbles or foam - It's just not worth the irritation. That's why exederm cleansing wash avoids SLS along with other unnecessary chemical additives such as harsh paraben type preservatives.

We believe that eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin sufferers are different. Eczema sufferers have very sensitive itchy skin and need to avoid even mild irritants whenever possible.

exederm has focused on functionality rather than appearance or smell. The objective is to cleanse the skin, we don't need artificial bubbles and foam to do that.

exederm gently cleanses without stripping away natural moisture and without leaving skin feeling 'tight', red or irritated.

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New Feature!

Product Reviews

5  Great for sensitive skin
Posted By Robyn Knechtel

This was recommended by my sons dermatologist because he was showing signs of sensitive skin. So I purchased 5 different Exederm products. They are all wonderful and I would recommend them all but I like this body wash the most. With some types of fragrance/dye free cleansers we've tried there seems to be a film left behind. But this body wash is great, no sticky or greasy film left behind and it is cleansing but gentle on my sons skin. I've also started using it on my daughter as well, who doesn't have as sensitive of skin.

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5  Gotta have it!
Posted By Jen

My kids and I use exederm body wash every day; we pack it for all trips (even international). It works very well for me as a facial wash because it leaves my skin clean, fresh, and non-drying.

Our history with exederm started by chance many years ago. My oldest child suffered from severe eczema, and I wanted another solution instead of depending on medicated creams. It was truly fortunate when I found exederm's website and gave their baby products a try. They provided relief and over time, the red patches and rough skin disappeared.

Now we are loyal users of the body wash. Making sure we always have enough bottles on hand, as we can't be without exederm! Thank you for making our skin feel better.

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5  Highly recommended for sensitive skin
Posted By Chris M.

I have long suffered from various skin conditions in different body parts, esp. eczema on face, neck and upper torso, and most products I experimented with still contained some forms of allergens. Then I discovered this product ~3 years ago through recommendations from the National Eczema Foundation and decided to give it a try. It's very gentle on my sensitive skin and still remains a good cleanser, and this is what I have been using since then.

I would also recommend the moisturizing lotion for those who need to moisturize their skin but only tolerate lighter formula.

Overall, this is a great product not just for someone with eczema, but also those with just sensitive skin and people who simply want to avoid potential irritants in personal care.

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5  Changed my life!
Posted By Michele

I had been having terrible skin irritation for two years and finally had a large series of skin patch tests which confirmed that I was very reactive to cocamidopropyl betaine which is in, basically, all soaps, shampoos, you name it! I did a search online and found out that exederm products were free of that irritant. I began to buy literally everything exederm sold and my skin has cleared up and is now back to normal. I can't begin to tell you how much I love these products and how thankful I am that exederm exists for people like me with highly allergic contact allergies.

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5  Great Stuff
Posted By Rich

I bought this after seeing this on the Eczema Foundation Website. I am 6'4" and work out a lot and this body wash still gets me clean and smelling good, while also not worrying about my skin drying out. I have completely switched over to the Exederm body wash from soap, face wash and hand wash. I also take a little hotel shampoo bottle, fill it up, and bring it with me in the small pocket of my jeans. If you are discrete no one will ever notice. After using 1 bottle I immediately bought 3 more.

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5  Body Wash is the BEST!
Posted By Lori D.

Ever since I "discovered" this product it has been my only "go to" body wash (esp. for the "sensitive areas") as everything else I have skin reactions to.

I have been through so many others in the past and this is the only one I can tolerate!!

Please dont ever stop making it or change it!

I tell everyone I can about it!

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5  The only wash I will ever use
Posted By Annie Newell-Fugate

This wash is the only one I can use that does not cause me to break out in a rash! I love it!

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5  Non-drying!
Posted By Carla

After I'd been using this wash for a few weeks, my adult acne cleared up!

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5  Body Wash
Posted By Louise S

I have tried many other fragrance free and sensitive skin products the exederm and body wash is my favorite because it does not make me itch or scratch I also love the lotion no if only you could make a deodorant. You have a customer for life.

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