our philosophy - skin care for ultra sensitive skinour products - formulated products to help treat eczema, excema, and dermatitis.about irritants - our products relieve dry irritated skin.exederm products - eczema, excema, dermatitis, and dry sensitive skin treatment
Eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin need special care. Perhaps our approach to eczema treatment can help manage key eczema triggers...

Our philosophy is simple ... avoid irritants that trigger eczema
... always use the mildest ingredients possible

   No Fragrance
   No Color or Dyes
   No Parabens
   No (SLS) Sodium Laureth Sulfate
   No Lanolin
   No (CAPB) Cocamidopropyl Betaine
   No Propylene Glycol                    No Phthalates                 

We've worked with a team of experts to create a range specifically designed for eczema and dermatitis sufferers of all ages.

[ Read the National Eczema Association's Product Review of Exederm ]

In September 2008, the National Eczema Association honored exederm with the first of 12 separate 'Seal of Acceptance' awards in acknowledgement of our ultra sensitive formulations.

Too many skincare products contain ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin, especially for those with eczema or dermatitis - allergic reactions and rash are common.

Most everyday skincare products are actually designed for the average person - even some of those products labeled as 'Sensitive' or 'Mild' or 'Hypoallergenic'. Many 'natural' or herbal products can be just as bad too !

- and average skincare is just NOT good enough

We believe people with sensitive skin need products with less irritants - WHY TAKE RISKS?

The exederm 3 step system has been specially formulated to avoid harsh chemicals, unnecessary additives or unproven herbal ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin or trigger an eczema flare-up


exederm flare control cream

  • Helps heal eczema flare-ups
  • Fast soothing relief of itchy, red skin
  • Maximum strength without a prescription
  • America's only paraben-free hydrocortisone cream

    Exederm Flare Control Cream is the only paraben-free hydrocortisone cream available in US. It is also the only hydrocortisone product to honored with the National Eczema Association's coveted
    'Seal of Acceptance' award with a perfect 5/5 score from the review panel.

    The idea is simple, take the leading doctor recommended ingredient and put it into a truly ultra sensitive base specifically designed for eczema sufferers and those with really sensitive skin.

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    Step 2:    HYDRATE THE SKIN

    exederm intensive moisture cream, body lotion and body oil

  • Deeply moisturize dry or flaking skin
  • Soothes red, cracked or itchy skin
  • Ultra sensitive and non-irritating
  • Award winning formulations

    Experts agree that the 3 most important things to do for eczema or dermatitis is to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.

    But for those with sensitive skin, this can be a difficult time as many eczema creams and moisturizers can irritate.

    Exederm offers three ultra sensitive ways to deeply moisturize dry skin: Our Intensive Moisture Cream and Body Lotion are rich & deeply moisturizing for dry sensitive skin and Exederm Body Oil can be used as a bath additive or simply smooth a few drops on skin after showering to lock-in moisture.

    Exederm redefines sensitive skin care - Compare us to other leading brands.

    It's always surprising to see what is actually in some of leading brands, even products specifically labelled 'sensitive' or 'hypoallergenic'. Always read the label and watch out for harsh ingredients like parabens type preservatives.

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    exederm body wash, shampoo and conditioner

  • Ultra sensitive, non-irritating formulations
  • Rich, soap-free and non-drying wash
  • Low foam shampoo for healthy hair & scalp
  • SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) free

    Often soaps, body washes, shampoo and conditioners are the worst trigger factors when it comes to sensitive skin or eczema.

    Many everyday products can be loaded with unnecessary and harsh chemicals which can irritate and strip vital moisture from very sensitive skin. Always read the label. In particular, check for SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) it's one of the most common irritants used in washes, shampoo and cleansers.

    Also watch out for CAPB (cocamidopropyl betaine)- it's the main ingredient in America's #1 children's shampoo and in 2004 was voted "Allergen of the Year" by the American Contact Dermatitis Society!

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    Avoiding irritants and eczema triggers is common sense. It's a philosophy that we've applied across our entire product range.

    Feel free to click on any of the product photographs below to get more detailed information and formulation comparison charts.

    Also on this site you find useful information about common skin conditions and lots of helpful tips & advice.

    We have a dedicated page for childhood eczema and our "about irritants" page is packed with information on chemical irritants and what to avoid.


    Available in the exederm ultra sensitive skincare range

  • Flare Control CreamEczema Cream MoisturizerEczema LotionEczema Body OilEczema Wash
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    Eczema ShampooEczema ConditionerBaby Eczema CreamBaby Eczema LotionBaby Eczema Oil
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    Baby Eczema WashBaby Eczema Shampoo
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